Membership Levels

Check out membership levels of SSB Interview website here.

Membership levels are purely based on your engagement in this website.

There are various ways through which our registered members can get points as well as cash rewards.

Member will be awarded for writing articles on SSB interviews or any other related topics of SSB.

Also members will get points for sharing their views in comments of articles and forum threads.

For practicing online tests of AFCAT, EKT, CDSE and SSB interviews will also fetch points based on thier performance in the test.


Following are the present membership levels in

  • Bronze Level : 0 points to 100 points
  • Silver Level : 101 to 500 points
  • Gold Level : 501 to 5000 points
  • Diamond Level : 5001 to 10000 points
  • Platinum Level : More than 10000 points

It is a matter of prestige to score maximum points and to achieve Platinum level.


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