Indian Navy’s Joint Exercises with Other Countries [Vital for Written Exams]

Written by The Trooper on May 31, 2017

Indian Navy regularly participates in maritime exercises with friendly foreign nations. Check out the code names and countries with which Indian Navy conducts regular maritime exercises to enhance efficiency.

Indian Navy’s Joint Exercises with Other Countries

India has a vast coast of 7,517 km. And with vast territory, comes vast defence force for it. India has the 7th largest Navy in the world and just like the Indian Army, the Indian Navy too regularly participates in maritime exercises with friendly foreign countries.

The Joint Exercises conducted by Navy are:

  1. AUSINDEX: India and Australia conduct this bilateral naval exercise that focuses on anti-submarine warfare as the two countries look at deepening defence cooperation especially in the Indian Ocean Region.
  2. KAKADU: Exercise KAKADU is a biennial exercise hosted by the Royal Australian Navy. It sees participation from 19 Asia Pacific and Indian Ocean navies and air forces.
  3. IBSAMAR: IBSAMAR are a series of naval exercises between the navies of India, Brazil, South Africa. The name IBSAMAR is an abbreviation of India-Brazil-South Africa
  4. ADMM+ Exercise (Multilateral): The ADMM-Plus (ASEAN Defence Ministers’ Meeting Plus) Exercise on Maritime Security and Counter Terrorism (Ex MS & CT) that seeks to strengthen the strong bilateral ties and extensive maritime interactions with ASEAN countries.
  5. VARUNA: The annually held Varuna naval exercise is an integral part of France–India strategic relationship in the Indian Ocean or the Mediterranean Sea with the aim of improving Indo-French coordination on capabilities like cross-deck operations, replenishment-at-sea, minesweeping, anti-submarine warfare and information sharing.
  6. IND-INDO CORPAT (Bi-annual): The Indonesian Navy and the Indian Navy have been participating in coordinated patrol (CORPAT) twice a year since 2002 to keep this vital part of the Indian Ocean Region safe and secure for commercial shipping and international trade.
  7. IND-INDO BILAT: India-Indonesia bilateral cooperation has increased significantly with the scheduling of the Second Bilateral Maritime Exercise along with the 28th edition of the CORPAT held in October last year.
  8. KOMODO (HADR) (Multilateral): Exercise KOMODO is a multilateral Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) exercise, and was conducted for the first time by the Indonesian Navy in 2014 in Indonesia.
  9. ARF DIREx: ASEAN Regional Forum Disaster Relief Exercise (ARF DiREx)‎ is a collaboration of efforts among civilian authorities and the military in organizing a large-scale disaster relief exercise, and promotes exchange of expertise and practices in disaster management among ARF members, through operational / strategic (national governmental / regional organizations) focused on the Table Top Exercise (TTX) and a tactical level (affected-site) oriented Field Training Exercise (FTX).
  10. IMCOR: Held between the navies of India and Myanmar, India-Myanmar Coordinated Patrol (IMCOR) facilitate smooth conduct of coordinated patrols between the two friendly neighbours that share a long maritime boundary in the strategically significant Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal.
  11. Naseem-al-Bahr: The exercise between Indian Navy and Royal Omani Navy is aimed at deriving mutual benefit from the experiences of both the navies. A good measure of interoperability has been achieved over the years as result of such exercises.
  12. INDRA NAVY: INDRA Navy is a joint, bi-annual military exercise conducted by India and Russia. The exercise is tasked with boosting cooperation and interoperability between the Russian and Indian navies.
  13. SIMBEX: Held between Singapore and India, SIMBEX has progressed both in scale and complexity over the years – from a serial-based exercise to today’s mission-based exercise incorporating scenarios with threats from the surface, underwater and air.
  14. SLINEX: Held between Sri Lanka and India, SLINEX aims to promote mutual understanding and provide exposure to both the Navies to each others’ operating procedures, communication procedures and best practices. This allows the two navies to develop the greater confidence to operate together, if required, during complex maritime missions.
  15. INDO-THAI CORPAT (Bi-annual): Under the broad ambit of this strong maritime relationship, the Indian and Royal Thai navies have been carrying out CORPATs along the International Maritime Boundary Line (IMBL) twice a year since 2005, with the aim of keeping this vital part of the Indian Ocean Region safe and secure for commercial shipping and international trade.
  16. KONKAN: Exercise KONKAN is held between Indian Navy and Royal UK Navy which sees the participation of Indian MARCOs and Royal Marines. It provides a valuable opportunity for both navies to interact and cooperate in the field of Maritime Security Operations.
  17. MALABAR: Exercise Malabar is a trilateral naval exercise involving the United States, Japan and India as permanent partners. Originally a bilateral exercise between India and the United States, Japan became a permanent partner in 2015.
  18. RIMPAC (Multilateral): RIMPAC, the Rim of the Pacific Exercise, is the world's largest international maritime warfare exercise with 22 participant countries. RIMPAC is held biennially during June and July of even-numbered years from Honolulu, Hawaii. It is hosted and administered by the United States Navy's Pacific Fleet,

Summary of Indian Navy’s exercises with other countries:

Held With





Brazil & South Africa



ADMM+ Exercise (Multilateral)






Ex KOMODO (HADR) (Multilateral)











Sri Lanka


IN-SLN SF Exercise







RIMPAC (Multilateral)

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