Can candidate with -2.75 eye sight is eligible for becoming a pilot in Indian Air Force?

I wear specks of -2.75 power. I want to join Indian Air Force as a pilot. Can I become a pilot or not with poor eye sight? If not can I join Army as an officer? Am I eligible for NDA exam?

Commented By : Rishabh Singh       Member Level :       Commented On : 19 Aug 2017       Points : 0      

You can clear your query by visiting the link given below
see appendix 4

Commented By : AD       Member Level : Platinum      Commented On : 04 May 2017       Points : 2      

As per current eligibility criteria to become a pilot in Indian Air Force, candidate should have good eye sight of 6/6 in both eyes. So you are not eligible to apply for pilot post in Indian armed forces.

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