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Get Success in SSB Interviews is the latest book on SSB interview by Arihant. Read to know whether Get Success in SSB Interviews book is good for SSB aspirants or not. Click here to buy Get Success in SSB Interviews book at cheapest price.

Arihant publishers is onArihant Publishers book for SSB interviewse of the leading publishers in India for bringing out the best books for competitive exam preparation. Latest book of Arihant publishers for SSB interview preparation is "Get Success in SSB Interviews". Let us see what is in the book for SSB interview aspirants.

The SSB book Get Success in SSB Interviews is written by Arihant Experts. 330 page SSB interview book covers all aspects of SSB interview testing procedure for first time appearing candidates. It explains each and every SSB interview test in detailed and easily graspable manner.

Get Success in SSB interviews book is divided into two parts. First part of the book covers SSB interview testing procedure along with best tips to impress SSB selection officers. Part I of the SSB book take you through Screening Tests, Psychological Tests, GTO tests and final conference procedure. The book will also give insight into what OLQs exactly looked by the SSB selection officers.

While the Part I of the book 'Get Success in SSB Interviews' gives you exposure of 5 day SSB interview, Part II of the book gives you latest study material on the following aspects.

  • Service related study material
  • Relationship of India with major countries of the world
  • SSB Group Discussion study material
  • Burning topics of national interest

Apart from the above topics, the book 'Get Success in SSB Interviews' provides adequate practice tests to crack SSB interview.

Actual price of the book 'Get Success in SSB Interviews' by Arihant publishers is 245 rupees.



Get Success in SSB Interviews by Arihant Publishers Details

Author: Arihant Experts
ISBN: 9789350941317
Edition: 2016
Book Format: Paperback
No of Pages: 330
Language: English (en)
Publisher: Arihant

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