The 8 Best Tips To Write Amazing TAT Stories [With Solved Story]

Written by The Trooper on Jun 17, 2017

Thematic Apperception Test of SSB interview consists of 12 pictures and candidates need to write stories. Check out best tips from experts on how to write amazing stories on TAT pictures of SSB interview.

The 8 Best Tips To Write Amazing TAT Stories

TAT, also known as Thematic Apperception Test is conducted on the second day of SSB tests after screening. This is the first test in the series of psychological testing in the SSB, followed by WAT, SRT and SD.

In Thematic Apperception Test, you have to write 12 stories – 11 of which will be shown to you as pictures and last one will be a blank slide in which you have to write your own story.

The picture is shown for 30 seconds and you are given 3-4 minutes to write a sensible story based on the picture.

The Thematic Apperception Test is just the same as PPDT, except the fact that instead of 1, you will be shown 12 pictures and you will be put under time pressure to present your OLQs through your stories.

Tips for writing best TAT Stories

Many of the recommended candidates give some tips on how to write the best story for TAT and here is the compilation of some tips which you can use to write the best TAT story. But at the end, remember to be genuine and natural.

  1. When the picture is shown, note down the following in answer sheet as you would do for PPDT:
  • The number of characters
  • Their age and gender
  • Their mood
  • What has happened
  • What is going on
  • Future probable actions
  • The final result.
  1. As soon as you see the picture, observe it, and start weaving a story in your mind.
  2. Now, for the part of making a story, elaborate the observations to form a meaningful positive story in 100-200 words spanning over 2-3 paragraphs.
  3. The 1st paragraph describes ‘What has happened’, the 2nd paragraph describes ‘What is going on’ and ‘Probable Future Actions’. In the final paragraph, write a positive outcome of your story and how the characters are benefitted from it.
  4. In TAT, either directly or indirectly, you are showing your OLQs. There is a reason why you are supposed to write 12 stories. The assessors will take the common qualities that you display in all the stories and take that as a common OLQ.
  5. Make a hero of your story and revolve the story around the hero. Try to project your qualities through the hero.
  6. So, make the story authentic and not the one which you have memorised while practising. Writing authentic stories make it meaningful. You can take inspiration from real life examples or even from your personal life. This way, you can make the story way more authentic.
  7. Just write the story based on the Picture shown. Note every detail of the picture. Do not make your own deductions in the picture, like creating another imaginary character or steering away from the situation.
  8. Do not overthink while writing your story. It’s pure waste of time and shows a lack of authenticity.
  9. Finally, maintain a neat and understandable handwriting so that the assessors can figure out your story clearly.

Sample TAT Story

For example, consider the image:

Now to write a TAT story on this image, going by the above procedure, we deduce observations in the first 30 seconds as:

  1. The number of characters: 3
  2. Their age and gender: 20-25, All male
  3. Their mood: Shocked, Being Careful
  4. What has happened: The hero spotted people trying to intrude in the camp area stealthily.
  5. What is going on: The hero is going to check on the intruders and alerted his men and QRT.
  6. Future probable actions: The hero carefully follows the intruders. Meanwhile, his battalion and QRT has arrived and the intrusion bid was foiled successfully.
  7. The final result: The intruders were caught and taken into custody without any firefight and lives of our soldiers were saved.

“So, these were the observation in the first 30 seconds. Now, to weave a story, you can go on as:

It was the time when the young officers were returning from the PT drill in the morning when they spotted armed people trying to intrude the boundary wall.

The officer, Lieutenant Raj takes the initiative to check on the intruders without being noticed. He meanwhile asked other officers to alert his men and ask the QRT to arrive on the spot. He stealthily follows the intruders and was waiting to respond head-on if the intruders attacked.

Luckily, the QRT has arrived and with the help of other men, the officer was able to arrest the intruders and successfully foil an attempt of an attack on the army camp. He was later awarded commendation for his act.”

This was, you conclude your story. Remember to complete it fast as you have very less time to write the story and move on to another story too.

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