Progressive Group Task of SSB interviews - Tips to excel

Written by Ashis Dubey on Apr 10, 2013

Going to appear SSB interviews and want to know about Progressive Group Task test? PGT test of SSB interviews is the first and foremost outdoor GTO test. Read on to know about the what this test is all about and testing procedure of PGT.

Progressive Group Task of SSB interviews is one of the most important outdoor tests of GTO tests. PGT test is very helpful for GTO officers to assess all candidates for various Officers Like Qualities such as team spirit, self confidence and ability of proper planning. This SSB interview test is designed in such a way that it have to be completed by a team and not an individual. The test includes few problems and few objectives for which the group needs to find out solution. Not only finding solution is important, but to accomplish the objective by using that solution is also lays a vital role in getting recommended by the SSB board.  

Why Progressive Group Task test is important in SSB interviews?

Before knowing about PGT test, let us see why this test is important. This is the frequently asked question by most of the aspirants. All candidates think this test is just to engage them and tire them up so that the real performance can be tested afterwards. But PGT is very important test of SSB as GTO will assess all candidates with this test. And based on this assessment, he will co-relate individual candidate's OLQs with various other tests such as Military Planning Exercise, Individual obstacles test and also to those of psychology tests such as TAT, WAT and PPDT.   If the officers of selection board feels that a candidate have some OLQs commonly in all examinations, then that candidate will be the favorite candidate to become an officer. All officers working in Indian Army, Air Force and Navy do face lot of problems on day to day basis and many face problems which can only be tackled by a group of men. At that time, an officer is required to guide other team members to solve the problem. Thus, this test is vital for a candidate who want to top the SSB interview.   

Goal of PGT obstacles testing procedure

  • In Progressive Group Task, there will be a starting line and a finishing line. 
  • There will be few material which the group need to carry from start line to finish line.
  • These material may vary from one SSB board to other.
  • Generally, group is made to carry wooden blocks, rope, a steel box or a stretcher.
Till now it looks very simple but the tricky part of Progressive Group Testing is the obstacles. Few areas will be marked as red which should not be touched by anyone of the group members. Similarly, few areas and objects will be painted in black color which can be touched but one cannot place material on those areas and blocks. Areas which are marked as white color can be used for crossing by all candidates and material can also kept on those structures.

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How the materials looks like?

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