Half Group Task HGT of SSB interviews - tips and tricks to pass

Written by Ashis Dubey on Apr 13, 2013

Want to crack SSB interview or AFSB interview and looking for tips to score good marks in Half Group Task test? Read the best tips and tricks to impress GTO in Half Group Test.

 HGT is one of the most important GTO tests conducted by SSB board officers.   
There are numerous GTO tests conducted during SSB interviews. Among these GTO tests, Half Group Task is one of the most important of all as it exposes each and every individual in front of GTO. So let us see  what is HGT and best tips to perform well in the SSB interviews.  

What is half Group Test of SSB interview?

Half Group Test or HGT is conducted with only half batch members of SSB interview. Thus, there will be two batches divided in SSB interviews. And one obstacle is given to complete for each half group. There will be ten to fifteen minutes time to complete the Half Group Task. GTO will observe every candidate of the group keenly so that he can assess the individual for the officers like qualities. So it is very important for candidate to show his qualities in front of GTO. Generally half group will be asked to carry out a dummy load from start point to end point. Rules of HGT are same as Full Group Task of SSB interviews.  

Rules of HGT

In HGT the group needs to carry a load to finish line. There will be areas painted in red color. Neither candidate nor any material should touch those areas. If anyone will touch it accidentally, he needs to do the obstacle from the starting point. Also candidates can jump up to four feet distance only. Beyond four feet distance, one need to use the helping material to cross.    At the beginning, GTO will explain all rules and objective of HGT. He will also demonstrate small obstacle for making all candidates comfortable. After explaining and clearing all doubts, GTO will ask the group to start the test.    Group planning, self confidence, creativity, problem solving quality and motivating other group members are exposed in this test. Thus do your best to show all OLQs.

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