Best tips to crack Situation Reaction Test (SRT) of SSB interviews

Written by Ashis Dubey on Jan 01, 2013

Want to know about Situation Reaction Test (SRT) ? SRT is an important test for scoring high marks in SSB interviews. Check out best tips to crack SSB Situation Reaction Test.

SSB interview lasts for five days. During these five days, number of tests are conducted by the SSB board to check whether a candidate is fit to serve in Indian armed forces or not. Each and every test is important for the candidates. For cracking SSB interview, one must score well in SRT.

Situation reaction Test or SRT test of SSB interview is the key test to check whether candidate has Officer Like Qualities (OLQs) in them or not. Thus SRT is the gateway of understanding between the candidate and psychologists. Through the test, candidates will give many vital details of their personality and beliefs to the examiners.

Generally SRT test is held on the second day of SSB interviews. As the name of the test suggests, Situation Reaction Test is a test where all SSB candidates will be tested for their responses or reactions for various different situations.

There will be total 60 questions in SRT test in the form of situations. Candidates will have only 45 minutes for answering to the sixty questions. So all need to be quick enough to read, think and answer the questions within stipulated time period.

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Briefing for SRT of SSB interviews

Following briefing will be given by the officers before the test commences.

  • All candidates will be given sixty situations.
  • Each situation will have few suggested reactions.
  • Candidates may chose an option which he thinks the best one.
  • If the candidate feels that the options are not matching his ideology, he may write down his pan of action in the option provided with blank space.
  • Total time will be 45 minutes for completing SRT test.

After briefing, SRT question papers will be distributed to all the candidates and when the invigilator says to start answering, don't wait for anything. Start answering the questions immediately.

All candidates have to write down their plan of action if he faces the situation in his real life. SRT of SSB can fetch you more marks as compared to other tests. So it would be better if a candidate knows the best way to solve situation reaction test questions during the interview.

Sample question of Situation Reaction Test

Here is a sample question of Situation Reaction Test given for easiness of the SSB aspirants.

Situation : You are travelling in a train in the night time. A thief has snatched your bag and has jumped off from the running train. You will _____________________________________

Suggested answers / reactions

  1. You will also jump off the running train and catch the thief immediately. 
  2. You will pull the chain and search for the thief.
  3. You will lodge a complaint at next station with RPF.
  4. You will do nothing as thief cannot be caught at any cost. 

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