Personal Information Questionnaire (PIQ) of SSB interview

Written by Ashis Dubey on Dec 21, 2012

Want to crack SSB and looking for PIQ questions. It is always better if candidates are aware of the PIQ questions. Check out questions asked in PIQ form and best tips to fill up PIQ.

After clearing AFCAT exam, all candidates have to crack five day SSB interview to become an officer. Personal Information Questionnaire is the most important part of SSB interview.    On first day of interview, after screening tests, shortlisted candidates have to fill up their Personal Information Questionnaire that is PIQ.

PIQ is one of the most important part of the SSB interview as per Psychologists. In PIQ, you need to fill up all your personal details as asked. So let us see what are the questions asked by the SSB interviewing boards in PIQ form.

Questions asked in Personal Information Questionnaire PIQ form in SSB

First of all as you all find in each and every important exam, chest number, name, batch number are required to be filled up. Then comes your name in the second question i.e., Name of the candidate. And in the third question candidates have to write their father's name.

Fourth question of PIQ is divided in four sub questions numbered as a,b,c and d. So first sub question of fourth question is Place of raise. Second sub question is present address with appx population of the city. Third sub question is permanent address with appx population of the city. And fourth question is whether the place is a district headquarter or not.

In the fifth question, SSB candidates have to fill up their state, district, religion, caste i.e., whether they belongs to SC/ST/OBC, mother tongue, date of birth, and marital status i.e., married/single/widower.

Personal information questionnaire's sixth question is divided into three subclasses. First question will be asked whether your parents are alive or not? You have to fill up yes or no. Second question will be for those who have lost their parents. So second question will instruct the candidates to fill up their age when their parents died. Third question deals about education, occupation, income per month of your father, mother and guardian.

Seventh question of SSB interview's PIQ deals with your siblings. Seventh question is also divided into three sub questions. First sub question will ask you to fill up total number of brothers and sisters you have. Second sub question will ask you to fill up your ranking among brothers and sisters. And thirdly, you have to fill up education and occupation

In PIQ's eight question, candidates will be asked to write down their educational record from matriculation onward. Candidate required to write name of institute, year of passing, division, marks obtained, medium of study, day scholar / boarder and any outstanding achievements.

Ninth question will be about present occupation of the candidate and monthly income being earned if any.

Tenth question of PIQ form is divided into two sub questions. The tenth question will be of candidate's NCC training. In the first question you need to write whether you have undergone any NCC training or not. And in second sub question, you need to write about total training period, wing, division and certificate obtained.

Eleventh question of personal information questionnaire will be divided in four sub questions. First question will be asked about the participation in games and sports if any. Second question will be about your hobbies and interests. Third question will be participation in any extra curricular activities. Fourth question will be about position of responsibility / offices held in NCC or scouting experience or in any sports team, or in any extra curricular activity.

In the twelfth question, nature of commissioning and choice of service will be asked.

In SSB interview's PIQ, thirteenth question will deal with number of chances availed in all three services, i.e., Army, Navy and Air Force.

Last question in PIQ of SSB interview is about details of last interview if the candidate has attended earlier. The candidates who have appeared in SSB interviews earlier, should write the following details. Type of entry for which they were interviewed by the selection board. Place and date of SSB, date, batch and chest number. Also you have to write the result of the previous SSB interviews.

So this is the generalised PIQ form that is required to be filled up by all candidates for testing by SSB selection board.

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sir what to write in nature of commision column

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