PPDT of SSB Day 1 : Picture perception and description test

Written by Ashis Dubey on Nov 25, 2012

Appearing SSB interview and want to know about Picture Perception and Description Test. PPDT is held on first day of SSB interview. Check out PPDT testing procedure and best tips to crack PPDT of SSB interview.

Picture perception and description test of SSB interview

If you want to crack SSB interview, you must be aware of the various tests conducted by the SSB interviewing board. Knowing complete and accurate information about various procedures will keep you ahead of other candidates. Day one of SSB is the most important phase as there will be screen in process. You have to give two tests before the results of Screen In declared. First test in order to be screened in is Intelligence test of SSB interview. And the second test will be the PPDT i.e., Picture Perception and Description Test.   So let us see what PPDT is and how it is conducted by the interviewing board.

What is Picture Perception and Description Test (PPDT)?

Second exam on the SSB day 1 is PPDT. This exam is very important to clear the first phase of SSB interview and get screened in. After completion of intelligence test, all candidates will be issued with their chest numbers which will remain with them throughout the interview. There will be special standard method will be adopted to allot the chest numbers.   Once the chest numbers are allotted, all SSB interview candidates will be asked to be seated as per the chest numbers. In general, twenty candidates will be accommodated in one single row. After all candidates take their respective seats, the SSB interview board officer will brief the candidates about the Picture perception test.

Look of SSB Interview PPDT answer sheet

SSB interview aspirants will be handed over an answer sheet. Answer sheet will have fields where you need to fill up the details such as name, chest number, AFCAT number and SSB batch number. Below these particulars, there will be a square box and rest of the paper will be plain.   A picture will be shown to all SSB aspirants for one minute on the screen. You need to observe the picture minutely. After the picture of PPDT disappears, you will be given four minutes time to write the story on a picture. So all SSB candidates have to write a story based on the picture projected on the screen. And also candidate needs to write the positions of characters shown on the picture along with their age, gender and mood in the square given in the answer sheet.   You have to encircle the main character of the picture shown in PPDT of SSB interview. And other characters which you are able to identify in the picture, you have to show them in the square box provided in the picture. So first thing you need to do is to identify and mark all the details on the square box provided in the SSB PPDT answer sheet.   After filling up the details, try to write the story what you percept by seeing the picture. After writing the story, the real PPDT testing part will be conducted.

Group discussion in PPDT of SSB interview

Main part of the PPDT exam is the group discussion after writing the story. Candidates will be distributed into groups as per their chest numbers. Generally, each group of PPDT will have ten to twelve candidates. Four to five batches will be made to discuss at a time. Remaining batches will be waiting outside the group discussion hall.   In the PPDT group discussion, there will be three to four interviewing officers specialized in SSB interviews including a psychologist. One of the officers will welcome you and will briefly tell that each candidate will be given thirty seconds time to describe the story and all will have to discuss about the story. Main motive of the group discussion is to come up with a common story. Batch has to present a final story to the SSB interviewing board.   After the group discussion is over, you have to wait outside the SSB group discussion hall for about one hour. After a while the results will be declared by announcing the chest numbers. Selected candidates on the first day of SSB interview will stay back in the SSB interview place for further testing. And screened out candidates will have to return back to their homes immediately after the results are announced.   So be careful and put your full efforts to be screened in by SSB interview board so that you may crack SSB interview with ease.

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Writing story for the above commented picture
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