How to crack Intelligence Test of SSB Day 1

Written by Ashis Dubey on Nov 20, 2012

Determined to crack SSB and want to know what all tests held on day 1. Intelligence test is the first test of SSB. Check out best tips to crack SSB intelligence test and do well in remaining interview.

Intelligence test or OIR of SSB interview

Whenever you go to attend SSB interview in Army or Air Force or Indian navy, the first and foremost exam on the very first day of SSB is Intelligence test. In order to crack SSB interview, you need to first crack intelligence test. So let us see what intelligence test is all about in Services Selection Board interview testing.

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After you reach to SSB interview reporting place, your documents will be checked and you will be routed to the SSB interview testing place in military vehicles. You will be offered breakfast there first. But remember that it may differ from one selection board to other SSB board. So it is better to have breakfast before you reach the reporting venue of the SSB interview.

First of all a welcome speech will be given by one of the SSB interviewing officers. In this welcome speech, you will be told to do your best and also few do's and don'ts will be conveyed to you. So listen the instructions carefully and adhere to them till you are there in SSB interview campus. After the welcome speech, a form will be distributed to all SSB candidates. This form is just a brief bio data form. In this form, you need to fill up basic details of schooling and other minor things.

Most important thing in this form is the column in which you will be asked to fill up the previous SSB interview details. Chest numbers in SSB interview to the candidates will be allotted according to the data which you feed in this column. In general, first timers will be allotted chest numbers first and then the chest number increases as the number of chances appeared by the candidate.

Sample question paper of Intelligence test 

SSB interviewing officials will distribute you one sample intelligence test question paper which will consist of 10 sample questions. Also SSB candidates will get an answer sheet in which you have to fill up both sample and original intelligence question paper's answers.

/>Sample intelligence question paper will be discussed by the interviewing officer. But it is also not sure that every time you will get an officer who is patient to explain the procedure of finding correct answers. Don't worry about this and just go through all sample questions of intelligence test and try to figure out the answers. The sample intelligence test questions will consist of verbal and non verbal reasoning questions.

After discussing the questions which are there in the sample Intelligence test of SSB interview, sample question papers will be taken back from you. And then you will get actual SSB Intelligence question paper.

SSB Intelligence test sets - Questions and Time given to answer

SSB Intelligence test consists of two question paper sets each consisting of 50 questions. SSB candidates will be given 30 minutes for answering one question paper set. So overall, SSB aspirants will have to answer 100 questions in one hour duration.

First question paper set will be given and after the stipulated time period of 30 minutes are over, second question paper set will be issued. And after another 30 minutes of time period, second set of question paper and answer sheet will be taken back.

No break is given once the examination starts. So please be sure to have completed your natural calls before the exam starts.   If you really want to crack SSB then you need to prepare well for the intelligence test as this is the only test where you can improve performance.   So all the best for your upcoming SSB interviews.

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How to prepare for intelligence test?Are there any specific topics?
Can you please provide some sample questions?

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Can I get a sample question paper of intelligence test ?

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How to prepare intelligence test please give some tips.
And what are the topic I want to cover is there any model questions please send me

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How to prepare for intelligence test? Can you please provide some sample questions? My interview is in few days really need your help!

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Thanks for info.

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Can I get a sample paper for that 100 questions??

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Thank you very much for your valuable information

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