What Is SSB and SSB Interview

Written by Ashis Dubey on Sep 25, 2012

Want to crack SSB and about to appear for SSB but have no idea about what SSB is? Read on to know about SSB interview procedure and best tips to crack the interview.

Service Selection Board

Services Selection Board or SSB – An overview

SSB stands for Services Selection Board. It is the one which conducts interviews for the shortlisted candidates at various locations in India. Services Selection Board is responsible for recommending the eligible candidates for Officer Cadre post in Indian defence forces. After conducting the SSB interview, the board sends the list of candidates who have cracked SSB interview for compilation of All India Merit List. All recommended candidate list once again will be shortlisted according to the all India merit. Final merit list will be released after one or two months by the SSB board and the candidates selected in this list will be commissioned into Indian armed forces as officers.

Why SSB has been formed

SSB has formed in India to recruit the officers in Indian armed forces. Since the committee is formed, the board has recommended the qualified candidates for the commissioning. The board is responsible for smooth operation of interview process. Almost the SSB interviews are carried out throughout the year. SSB boards recommend the persons who are actually qualified and suitable for the post to handle the extreme pressure.

What does SSB do - Functions of SSB

Mainly SSB selects the right candidates according to the various tests designed to test the true inner psychology and the qualities of leadership. Physical fitness tests are also quite important as you have to be physically fit to work in most enduring situations in Army, Air Force and Navy. Whole process of SSB interview is completed in five days depending upon the SSB board you opt for. But for the most of the boards, five days is the exact time period in which you will be tested. The board comprises of psychologists, GTOs and president.

SSB day wise testing procedure

Five days of SSB interview is generalised here.

  • First Day of SSB – On day 1 you will be reporting to the SSB centre. On Day 1 of SSB first Reasoning test will be conducted. After reasoning test, you need to give PPDT i.e., Picture Perception and Discussion Test. After the PPDT exam, you will have a group discussion round. These three tests are considered for choosing selected candidates for further testing. Based on the results, few candidates are screened in and rest are screened out. Screened in candidates on SSB day 1 will then asked to fill up PIQ (Personal Interview Questionnaire) and various other forms.
  • Second Day of SSB – On second day of SSB interview, you have to appear in various psychological tests like TAT, WAT, SRT.
  • Third Day of SSB – The screened in SSB candidates will be tested by GTO. You have to undergo group discussion, group planning Excercise (GPE), Progressive Group Tasks (PGT), Group Obstacle Race (GOR), Half Group Task (HGT) and a lecturette on SSB’s third day.
  • Fourth Day of SSB – On fourth day of SSB, the candidates will be tested in individual obstacles, Command Task CT) and Final Group Task (FGT).
  • Fifth Day of SSB – On fifth and last day of SSB, Conference will be conducted by the SSB board officials. After conference, results will be declared by the board.
  • Personal Interview in SSB – Candidates will be interviewed by SSB on second or third or fourth day of SSB interview. SSB Personal interview is also very crucial factor in getting recommended by the board.

Candidates who are not recommended by the board will be routed back to their home. Recommended SSB candidates will have to appear in medical examination. Above SSB interview procedure is a generalised programme and it will vary slightly depending upon which service you want to join in Indian Armed Forces such as Army, Air Force and Navy.

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