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Are you looking for SSB interview study material? Check out current affairs and related study material to crack SSB interview.

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Situational Awareness - The OLQ for passing SSB

Looking for OLQs to pass SSB interview? Situational Awareness is the most vital personality trait one should possess as to understand what is going on around you. Check out what situational awareness is and how it is important for passing SSB.

Category : SSB tips Author :Mayank Pandey Posted on : 04-Jan-2017

Expert Tips to write PPDT and TAT stories

Writing good PPDT and TAT stories is very important for passing SSB interview. Check out expert tips to write best stories for PPDT and TAT pictures. Also know how to write impressive stories in SSB interview here.

Category : SSB study material Author :Srikant Posted on : 31-Dec-2016

SSB interview simplified - Simple tips to get recommended

If you want to become an officer in Indian armed forces, you must pass SSB interview. Check out SSB interview procedure simplified for first timers and also useful tips to get recommended in the SSB interview. Read to follow your passion for defence.

Category : SSB study material Author :Mayank Pandey Posted on : 22-Dec-2016

Top 4 tips for good body language during SSB interview

Looking for best tips on body language for passing SSB interview? Body language is very important in cracking SSB. Check out simple tips for correct body language during interviews. Read how to improve chances of selection with body language.

Category : SSB study material Author :Akhilesh Posted on : 15-Dec-2016

Expected SRT questions and situations in forthcoming SSBs and AFSB interviews

Are you looking for expected questions or situations of Situation Reaction Test of SSB interviews. Check out most frequently asked questions in Situation Reaction Test of SSBs and AFSB interviews.

Category : SRT Situation Reaction Test Author :AD Posted on : 15-Nov-2016

Existing 500 and 1000 rupees no longer valid from today midnight - big blow to black money holders

Banning existing 500 and 1000 rupee notes is one of the biggest decisions taken by the Indian Government to curb black money. Check out the impact of banning currency notes in India and how can one redeem or exchange existing 500 and 1000 rupee notes.

Category : SSB study material Author :AD Posted on : 08-Nov-2016

12 Key Agreements Signed By PM Modi in Vietnam - Complete Vietnam Tour Details

India and Vietnam signed 12 key agreements during PM Modi visit to Vietnam on the way to G20 summit in China. Check out complete visit details of PM Modi to Vietnam and deals signed by India and Vietnam.

Category : SSB study material Author :AD Posted on : 04-Sep-2016

10 Things You Must Not Do After AFCAT exam

Check out 10 things you must not do after AFCAT exam. Now AFCAT exam is over and you must move forward. Read on to know about top ten do not's after AFCAT written exam to crack SSB interview.

Category : SSB study material Author :Neha Posted on : 30-Aug-2016

Scramjet Engine Successful Flight - Another Milestone for ISRO

Scramject engine flight testing is a grand success. ISRO has successfully tested Scramjet engine today. Check out full details of ISRO's scramject engine test flight here.

Category : SSB study material Author :AD Posted on : 28-Aug-2016

Sports Awards 2016 (Khel Ratna, Arjuna Awards, Dronacharya and Dhyan Chand Awards)

Indian Government has announced Khel Ratna, Dhyan Chand, Dronacharya and Arjuna Awards for the year 2016. Check out complete list of sportsmen and sportswomen who won various awards exclusive for players of India.

Category : SSB study material Author :AD Posted on : 24-Aug-2016